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How To Configure Your Service's Git Folder Structure

When you first create your service using our Service Creation Wizard, you can choose whether to store your generated code in your git repository using a Monorepo or Polyrepo style.

But, you can't edit the individual folder names during creation.

Amplication's Base Directories settings lets you customize both the default directory and folder name for your generated code. This applies to both your Server and Admin UI code.

How To Change Your Service's Base Directory Values

  1. Go to your service's Settings page.
  2. Click the Base directories tab.
  3. Set the base directory for your server code using the Server base directory text field.
  4. Set the base directory for your admin UI code using the Admin UI base directory text field.
  5. Commit your changes to see your new folder structure in your git repository.

Base Directory Default Values

Your service's default base directory values (on creation) are:


  • Server base: apps/[service-name]-service
  • Admin UI base: apps/[service-name]-admin


  • Server base: [service-name]-service
  • Admin UI base: [service-name]-admin

The only difference between a Monorepo and Polyrepo is that the Monorepo stores each service and admin UI in nested folders, while a polyrepo stores them in the root.

Example - Syncing Services in a Monorepo on GitHub

Let's say you have two services, Customer Service and Order Service. You want these services to sync to the packages directory in the same repo.

Use these Base Directory settings:

Customer Service

  • Server base: ./packages/customer-service
  • Admin UI base: ./packages/customer-service-admin

Order Service

  • Server base: ./packages/order-service
  • Admin UI base: ./packages/order-service-admin

When you commit two or more services to the same repo, make sure you use different base directory paths for each one. No action is needed when using separate repos, even with multiple services.