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Amplication Community Plugins

The following plugins are currently available. Additional plugins will be added in future releases of Amplication.


For the most updated list of plugins, it's recommended to check the All Plugins page on your Amplication dashboard.

Mongo DB

Use a Mongo database in your service generated by Amplication.

MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. It is classified as a NoSQL database program, meaning that it does not use the traditional SQL relational database management system. Instead, it uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas to store data.

PostgreSQL DB

Use a PostgreSQL database in your service generated by Amplication.

PostgreSQL is a free and open-source relational database management system that is designed to be highly scalable, reliable, and powerful. It is known for its ability to handle large amounts of data and a high volume of queries.


Use a MySQL database in your service generated by Amplication.

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system that is widely used in web applications and other software platforms. It is known for its reliability, simplicity, and performance. It is a powerful tool for storing and managing data in a structured and organized way.

Apache Kafka

Use an Apache Kafka message broker to communicate between your services.

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform, used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming applications. It is a publish-subscribe messaging system that allows for the creation of high-throughput and low-latency systems.

In the Apache Kafka messaging system, processes known as producers write data to Kafka topics, and processes known as consumers read data from Kafka topics.


Use a NestJS NATS message broker to communicate between your services.

NATS is a high performance, low latency messaging system that is lightweight. It follows a publish-subscribe model like Kafka but is less complex and easier to set up. NATS is ideal for applications that require real-time messaging but don't need the level of durability and fault-tolerance that Kafka provides.


A User entity must exist in order to enable this plugin in your project. Learn how to add the user entity into your service.

JWT Auth Provider

Add JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication and authorization to your service.

NestJS's Passport based JWT authentication involves the client sending a request to the server with a user's credentials in the form of a username and password. The server then authenticates the user and issues a JWT if the credentials are valid. This allows the client to authenticate subsequent requests to the server using the JWT.


The NestJS Auth Provider plugin must also be installed to use the JWT Auth Provider plugin.

Passport Basic Authentication

Basic authentication is a simple authentication scheme built into the HTTP protocol that involves sending a request to a server with a user's credentials in the form of a username and password. The credentials are encoded in base64 and included in the Authorization header of the request.


The NestJS Auth Provider plugin must also be installed to use the Passport Basic Authentication plugin.

Auth0 Authentication Provider

Integrate Auth0's robust authentication solutions into your service with the Auth0 Authentication Provider plugin. Auth0 offers a flexible, drop-in solution to add authentication and authorization services to your applications.


Prettier is an opinionated code formatter that automatically formats your code to ensure adherence to a consistent style. Code is automatically formatted every time it is committed.


ESLint is a library that helps find issues and enforce code style in your JavaScript code. ESLint has a wide array of rules that can be configured to enforce code quality and consistency.


Redis is an open-source, in-memory data store that can be used as a database, cache, streaming engine, and message broker. Redis provides high availability via replication and high performance via caching. It is commonly used to quickly access frequently used application data.

Redis Message Broker

Redis Message Broker is an extension of the traditional Redis in-memory data store, allowing it to function as a message broker. Install this plugin to leverage Redis's in-memory capabilities and enables asynchronous message communication between different parts of an application or between different applications.

Redis Caching

Enhance your application's performance with the Redis Caching plugin. Redis is known for its fast data retrieval capabilities, making it an excellent choice for implementing caching strategies.


The OpenAI plugin allows you to integrate OpenAI's various AI models into your Amplication app. This gives you access to models like GPT-3, DALLE-E 2, and Codex right from your Amplication app.

GitHub Actions

Simplify CI/CD for your service with the GitHub Actions plugin. You can create workflows to build and test your service. It also supports containerization of your service.

Helm Chart

Package and deploy your app on Kubernetes using Amplication's Helm Chart plugin. This plugin generates a customizable Helm chart for installing and managing your app on Kubernetes clusters.


OpenTelemetry is an observability framework that lets you monitor the health and performance of your application. This plugin lets you integrate with OpenTelemetry allowing you to gain deeper insights into your application's operations and to troubleshoot potential issues more efficiently.

Swagger ApiBody

Add NestJS Api Swagger decorator to your service.

The OpenAPI specification is a language-agnostic definition format used to describe RESTful APIs. Nest provides a dedicated module which allows generating such a specification by leveraging decorators.

This plugin will specifically allow you to specify the structure of the request payload for create (POST) and update (PUT/PATCH) actions.

MS SQL Server DB

Leverage Microsoft's enterprise-grade database management system for your applications with the MS SQL Server DB plugin. This plugin ensures reliable data storage and powerful querying capabilities.


Enhance your Amplication service with high-performance remote procedure calls using the gRPC API plugin. gRPC enables efficient communication between microservices, making it ideal for scalable architectures.

Supertokens Auth Provider

Incorporate Supertokens' flexible authentication solutions into your service with the Supertokens Auth Provider plugin, ensuring both security and enhanced user experience.

Terraform - AWS Core

Provision AWS core network infrastructure using the Terraform - AWS Core plugin. This plugin lays the foundation for building a robust cloud environment.

Terraform - AWS Database RDS

Set up AWS Relational Database Service with ease using the Terraform - AWS Database RDS plugin, facilitating smooth database deployments in the cloud.

Terraform - AWS Deployment ECS

Deploy your services on AWS Elastic Container Service using the Terraform - AWS Deployment ECS plugin. It streamlines the creation and management of containerized applications.

AWS Secrets Manager

Manage and secure application secrets with the AWS Secrets Manager plugin. It integrates AWS's secrets management into your Amplication services, keeping sensitive information safe.

Github Actions - AWS ECS

Automate your CI/CD pipeline and streamline deployments to AWS ECS with the Github Actions - AWS ECS plugin, ensuring smooth and consistent delivery processes.

Terraform - AWS Repository ECR

Provision AWS Elastic Container Registry for your Docker images with the Terraform - AWS Repository ECR plugin, simplifying container image management in your CI/CD pipeline.

Terraform - GCP Core

Provision Google Cloud Platform's core infrastructure with the Terraform - GCP Core plugin. This plugin is essential for setting up the foundational elements in GCP, enabling robust and scalable cloud environments.

Terraform - GCP Database Cloud SQL

Deploy Google Cloud SQL instances seamlessly with the Terraform - GCP Database Cloud SQL plugin. It simplifies database provisioning in GCP, ensuring consistent and efficient cloud database deployments.

Terraform - GCP Repository Artifact Registry

Manage Google Cloud's Artifact Registry effectively with the Terraform - GCP Repository Artifact Registry plugin. This plugin streamlines the creation and administration of GCP's secure, scalable container registry and artifact storage.

Azure Key Vault Secrets Manager

Securely manage and store your secrets with the Azure Key Vault Secrets Manager plugin. Integrating seamlessly with Azure's Key Vault, this plugin ensures the safety and accessibility of sensitive data across your services.

Bitwarden Secrets Manager

The Bitwarden Secrets Manager plugin offers a secure and convenient way to manage sensitive data with the Bitwarden open-source password management solution. It provides a reliable method for storing and accessing your secrets.

Google Secret Manager

Implement Google Cloud's Secret Manager in your services with the Google Secret Manager plugin. This plugin provides a robust mechanism for storing, managing, and accessing sensitive configuration data securely.

Hashicorp Vault Secrets Manager

Incorporate Hashicorp Vault's powerful secrets management capabilities with the Hashicorp Vault Secrets Manager plugin. Vault offers a comprehensive solution for securing, storing, and tightly controlling access to tokens, passwords, certificates, and other sensitive data.

JSON Logger

The JSON Logger Plugin is designed for logging in JSON format. It offers configurable log levels, including 'fatal', 'error', 'warn', 'info', 'debug', 'trace', and 'silent'. Users can also add custom properties to log messages.


MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is an ISO standard publish-subscribe-based messaging protocol. It is designed for connections with remote locations where a "small code footprint" is required or the network bandwidth is limited. MQTT is highly scalable and is ideal for IoT devices, mobile applications, and messaging applications that require minimal data packets for communication.