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ERD View for Amplication Entities

Amplication's ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) view provides a complete graphical representation of how your entities relate to each other.

Amplication's Entity ERD View

How to activate ERD View

  1. Navigate to the Entities page of your Amplication service.
  2. In the center, to the right of the search bar, you'll find a toggle switch.
  3. Toggle the switch to enable the ERD view. Slide it back to return to the traditional list view.

Available Features

  • Zoom: Zoom in and out using the pinch mechanism to get a clearer view of your entities.
  • Drag and Drop: Make the relationships between your entities clearer by using the drag and drop functionality.

Next Steps

  1. The Entity Relations page explains how to define relationships between entities.
  2. The Create a new entity field page covers all the options for creating fields on entities.