How to create an entity field

Create a new entity field#

To create a new entity field, you first need to navigate to the Entity page - click the Entities icon (left sidebar, a.k.a. main menu) to reach the Entities page, here you see all the entities in your application. Click on the Entity you want to edit, to get into the Entity's page.

  1. In the Entity Fields text box (above the list of fields), type in a name for the new field.
  2. Click Add field (or just press Enter). The new field is added to the list.
  3. The field's property panel opens, so you can edit its other properties like Description, Required, and Data Type.

You might find it easier to first add all the fields you want, one after another, and only afterwards set the properties of each field.


White spaces are supported, which is useful when you want to enter a descriptive field name. The value is saved as the field’s display name. In addition to the display name, each field has an auto-generated Name that does not contain spaces or special characters. This name is later used for the API endpoint and in other places in the generated code. If needed, you can manually change the field name in the field's properties panel.