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Amplication’s Licensing Model

Amplication Free, Pro, and Enterprise Editions

Amplication was developed as an open-source software, and it is free for all to use. It is also offered for free on our managed service at Our strong belief in open-source has enabled us to create a revolution in the way applications are developed, saving hours of development time, and boosting productivity.

Amplication can now meet the needs of individual developers and startups and provide the advanced features, robustness, and scale required by enterprises through its Free, Pro, and Enterprise Editions:

  • Free Edition – contains Amplication's core functionality and continues to be licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.
  • Pro and Enterprise Editions - add advanced operations, security, and commercially orientated features. The Pro and Enterprise editions are built on top of the Free edition and the additional functionality will be supplied as source-available. While users can view and download the code, ownership of the code remains with Amplication, meaning users cannot resell it. Use of the Amplication Pro and Enterprise editions are subject to the Amplication Terms of Service.

Amplication’s Continuing Commitment to Open Source

  • Amplication remains fully committed to open source and promises to be a good steward of its open-source project, by ensuring that it continues to evolve with powerful new features. As we extend our Pro and Enterprise editions, we will ensure that this does not conflict with our open-source project.
  • When a feature has been contributed by members of the Amplication community, we won't move that feature to the Pro or Enterprise editions.
  • If a feature is planned for Free, Pro, and Enterprise editions, it will be released simultaneously in all. We won't introduce features into the Free Edition codebase with a fixed delay.
  • We will always make it clear what is proprietary and what is open-source code.
  • We will keep all features including the Enterprise Edition features for free on Amplication Cloud for the open-source community, individual developers, and small-scale projects.

Deciding what is in the Free, Pro, and Enterprise Editions

The Amplication team will decide which features will be included in each of the editions.

We are committed to keep building the core functionality of Amplication with an open-source license. However, each case will be decided on its own merit. As a rule, if the feature is likely to be of use mainly to a commercial organization it will be included in the Pro or Enterprise editions. All other features will be included in the Free edition.

What do you think?

We’d love to know what you think about Amplication’s new licensing model. Go to GitHub to join the discussion.