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Amplication's Licensing Model

Amplication offers both open-source and commercial licensing options to accommodate the needs of various users — from individual developers to large enterprises.

Open Source and Enterprise Offerings

Free Edition

  • The Free Edition of Amplication includes our core functionality, based on Node.js. This edition is available under the Apache 2.0 license and remains free for use on our managed service at
  • Developers can freely access, modify, and distribute the source code available in this edition, fostering a collaborative and open development environment.

Enterprise Edition

  • The Enterprise Edition extends the Node.js Free Edition by incorporating advanced operational and security features. This edition also introduces support for .NET applications, offering robust, scalable backend solutions.
  • This premium tier is designed for businesses seeking enhanced features like advanced data handling and API capabilities, architecture management, increased automation, and comprehensive support for both Node.js and .NET applications.
  • The Enterprise Edition is partly open-source, partly source available, and partly Amplication proprietary and not source-available. The idea is to keep the Amplication business while doing the maximum for the community and our loved developers.

Amplication's Commitment to Open Source

Amplication remains deeply committed to the open-source community. As we expand our offerings with the Enterprise Edition, we make sure to align our development practices and commercial solutions with the values of our open-source projects.