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Phone Home - Collecting Usage Data

Amplication’s open-source server includes Phone Home, a call-back operation where every deployed server contacts a central server to indicate to the Amplication core team that it is up and running.

This works by adding a notification event to the server load, sending a loading notification message to Posthog, a monitoring/analytics tool that enables the Amplication core team to see the number of deployments.

The purpose of this information gathering is to get a better understanding of how new features are impacting the use and adoption of Amplication.

Information Gathered

The following information is gathered for each deployment:

  • Build version
  • Server version
  • Runtime environments (OS, node version, etc.)

No personal or private information is collected. The statistics are anonymous, and users are not identified.

Disabling Phone Home

If you don’t want Amplication to add your deployment to its usage statistics, you can disable the feature as follows:


Where DISABLE_EVENT_TRACKING is an environment variable.