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Get Started with Amplication

Welcome to Amplication's developer documentation!

Amplication is an open-source, AI-powered code generation solution for rapid .NET and Node.js development. Unlike other AI code generation tools, Amplication is the only one that guarantees production-ready code generation for all your backend needs.

Quick Start

Create your first service with Amplication's AI, Jovu, and generate a .NET or Node.js production-ready codebase in minutes.

Customize Your Generated Service

Amplication transforms your ideas into production-ready code in minutes, but we're more than just a code generator. Our platform supports you throughout the entire development process.

Use these features to fine-tune and customize your service to your exact needs:

Key Features

  • AI-powered Development: Generate production-ready .NET or Node.js code, get intelligent suggestions for your service's architecture, and more with Amplication AI.
  • Import Your Existing DB: Use your existing databases for a head start on development.
  • Full Stack Code Generation: Fully-functional REST and GraphQL APIs, database models, authentication, logging, React Admin UI, and more.
  • Event-Driven Architecture: Create new services with a modern architecture or modernize your existing apps into a event-driven microservices architecture.
  • Seamless Git Integration: Smart git sync with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or AWS CodeCommit.
  • Custom Code Integration: Extend generated code with your own custom business logic.
  • Plugin System: Extend functionality with our community plugins or create your custom plugins.
  • Multiple Databases: Support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, and more.
  • Deployment & CI/CD: Simplify and automate your CI/CD pipeline with our plugins and streamline deployments to popular options like AWS ECS, Docker Desktop, and Kubernetes.

Tutorials and Samples

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