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How To Set Default Value for an Entity Field

Setting default values for your entity fields in Amplication is straightforward using the @default() custom Prisma attribute. This can be helpful in scenarios where you want certain fields to have a predefined value when new records are created.

This guide will walk you through the steps to achieve this with various examples.

Default Custom Prisma Attribute

Steps to Set a Default Value:

  1. Navigate to your service's Entity Overview page.
  2. Click on the specific Entity field you want to set a default value for.
  3. On the Entity Field page, you will find a text box labeled Custom Attributes. Here, you'll enter the custom prisma @default() attribute.
  4. In the Custom Attribute text field, enter the @default() attribute followed by the desired default value in parentheses.
  5. After entering the default value, it will be saved automatically.


For example, to set a default string value of "DefaultText", you would enter:


For numeric fields, simply enter the number without quotes:


Refer to Prisma's documentation for a full list of the values that Prisma gives you access to for the @default() custom attribute.