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Product Roadmap

View the official Amplication public product roadmap.

As an open-source platform, Amplication is committed to a policy of complete transparency with our community about our future direction. Use our product roadmap to learn about our future plans, to see what we're working on and what's coming next. By sharing our roadmap, we hope you will become an even closer partner in our joint vision of building and extending a platform that will empower professional developers to create business applications.

Roadmap Views

Select a view as follows:

To respond to an item in the Amplication Public Roadmap, click the GitHub link in the item.

Join the Discussion

If you have thoughts, ideas or suggestions, click on the GitHub link in the roadmap item and write your comments in the GitHub issue.

To promote a particular item, show your support by giving the item a upvote 👍 in GitHub.

Make a Contribution

We hope that the roadmap will help you decide where you can make a contribution to the Amplication platform. If you see an item that you want to work on, whether it’s a feature, issue, or documentation, we would love to hear from you.

Make a Feature Request

If you have an idea for a feature that does not appear on the roadmap, you can open a Feature Request.


The Amplication Product Roadmap does not represent a commitment, guarantee, obligation, or promise to deliver any product or feature or to deliver any product and feature by any particular date.