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Amplication AI

Amplication AI is a game-changing feature that revolutionizes code generation in Amplication.

In just a few minutes, and with a few requests, you can go from an idea to fully-functional, production-ready code. This includes data models, APIs, authentication, and all the other essential components your service needs.

You can also easily make changes to your existing services. Change your service's architecture, add new entities, install plugins, or make any necessary adjustments, all while maintaining a high-quality codebase.

With Amplication AI (currently in Beta), you get production-ready code for all your services, no matter how many you need. The generated code is clean, follows best practices, and is ready for your developers to dive in and add the custom logic that will make your application unique.

Amplication AI opens up a world of possibilities for code generation. It empowers you to innovate and build applications faster than ever before.

At the heart of Amplication's AI capabilities is Jovu.

What Is Jovu?

Jovu is a breakthrough AI assistant from Amplication designed to help you generate production-ready backend services.

Using the most sophisticated AI language models, Jovu helps you throughout your Amplication journey. It can assist you with:

  • Creating new projects, services, entities, fields, actions, APIs, and DTOs
  • Navigating and using Amplication's features effectively
  • Answering questions about Amplication and its capabilities
  • Generating the production-ready code of your project and your pending changes, to review it in your git provider

Jovu comprehends the context of your conversation and your Amplication setup. It offers personalized recommendations and creates production-ready code based on your requirements.

How to Interact with Jovu

To begin using Jovu, open the chat interface within the Amplication platform. You can ask Jovu questions or provide commands related to your Amplication projects. Jovu will respond based on its understanding of your context and provide the necessary assistance.

Here are some examples of what you can ask Jovu:

  • Create a new blog service with entities for posts, categories, authors, and comments
  • Add a new review entity to the e-commerce service with fields for rating, comment, reviewer name, and product reference
  • Build my project and generate the code for my pending changes so I can review it in GitHub
  • Create a DTO for creating new orders with fields for customer ID, product IDs, and quantities
  • Install the Google Secrets Manager plugin to help me handle secrets in my service
  • Which plugins do you recommend for adding caching to my service?

Feel free to explore and experiment with Jovu. It's designed to be a valuable asset in your Amplication workflow.


For more real world examples on how to effectively use Jovu, see the Amplication AI Examples page.

Customize Your AI Experience

Jovu is enabled by default for your entire Amplication workspace, providing you with powerful AI assistance out of the box.

But, we understand every project is unique. If you prefer to have more manual control, or not use AI features, you can easily enable or disable Jovu via your workspace settings.