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Smart Git Sync Explained

Amplication provides a powerful feature known as Smart Git Sync for syncing the code produced from your project with a git repository.

Smart Git Sync automatically synchronizes any changes made on your project to your preferred git repository. This is achieved by creating an amplication branch that contains all new commits generated by changes and additions on your Amplication project.

Amplication offers Smart Git Sync for everyone including Free and Enterprise plan users.

On this page, you'll learn how Smart Git Sync works. You will understand how Amplication manages the amplication branch on your repo, creates commits, and initiates pull requests.

How Smart Git Sync Works

The primary advantage of using Smart Git Sync is its ability to simplify the process of resolving merge conflicts on each build. This feature enhances the user experience and streamlines work with Amplication.

When you perform a new build on your Amplication project, Smart Git Sync automatically triggers the creation of a commit on the amplication branch.


Amplication supports GitHub, Bitbucket, AWS CodeCommit, and GitLab as git providers.

This commit encompasses all the files that were added, removed, or changed since the last build.

Step-by-step breakdown

  1. You make changes in your Amplication project. This could range from adding a new resource to modifying an existing one.
  2. When you're ready, you perform a new build on the project.
  3. Smart Git Sync springs into action. It identifies all the files that have been altered since the last build.
  4. It then creates a commit on the amplication branch, including all these changes.

For example, let's say you've just added a new Task entity to your project. Once you build the project, Smart Git Sync will create a commit on the amplication branch that includes all the files related to the Task entity.

This method ensures that every single change you make in your Amplication project is automatically tracked and committed to the amplication branch in your Git repository. You can then easily review and merge these changes through pull requests.


After the Amplication build completes, review the PR, resolve any conflicts, and merge it. Keep the amplication branch and avoid deleting it.

The amplication branch

Amplication integrates with your repository through the amplication branch. This branch will contain all commits made by Amplication. After clicking on Commit Changes & Build in the right sidebar on your project's dashboard, Amplication will trigger a commit to the amplication branch containing all your changes.

When a user creates a repository, an 'amplication' branch is made from the repository's default branch.

For example, Amplication will base the amplication branch from main if your default branch is main.

You can merge Amplication-made changes by merging pull requests created by Amplication from the amplication branch to your repository's default branch.


Refrain from modifying the amplication branch directly. Creating new commits or merging changes from other branches can introduce bugs and inconsistencies. In case of conflict, delete the amplication branch and resolve the merge conflict in the next PR.

Commit Messages and Pull Requests

Every time a build process is completed in Amplication, Smart Git Sync produces a build message that provides valuable insight into the actions taken during the build. These build messages are automatically included in the commit messages in your Git repository.

Amplication handles commit messages and pull requests in a manner that promotes clarity and efficient tracking of changes:

  • If there isn't an open pull request from the amplication branch when a commit is made, Amplication will automatically create one.
  • The title of this pull request and the commit message both come from the input you provide in the commit message box in Amplication's pending changes section.

Amplication will generate a default message for your commit if you don't input a message into the pending changes input box.

Additionally, the first comment on the pull request includes a link back to your build in Amplication. Visiting this link will take you back to Amplication to see the build log for this specific commit, offering you a comprehensive overview of the changes that were made during the build.


Smart Git Sync is a powerful feature that simplifies the integration between Amplication and your Git repository. It automatically tracks and commits changes to a dedicated amplication branch. This significantly reduces manual effort and enhances productivity. Whether you're adding a new resource or making a change to an existing one, Smart Git Sync ensures that all changes are systematically tracked, committed, and easy to review.

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