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Sync With AWS CodeCommit

Amplication allows you to sync the code for your services with AWS CodeCommit repositories. This provides you with full control over your project and lets you easily track code generated by Amplication.


The Sync With AWS CodeCommit feature in Amplication is available exclusively for Enterprise plan users.


To integrate Amplication with AWS CodeCommit, please contact us first and provide the following details during the onboarding:

  • AWS Region: The AWS region where your CodeCommit repositories are located.
  • AWS HTTPS Git Credentials: Credentials that allow the amplication[bot] user to interact with each CodeCommit git repository. See Setting Up Git Credentials in the AWS documentation for more details.
  • AWS Access Keys: An Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for an AWS IAM user with the AWSCodeCommitPowerUser managed policy. This allows Amplication to manage repository tasks like creating new repositories, making commits, and opening pull requests.

Once you have provided us with this information, Amplication will then integrate with your CodeCommit repositories.

Selecting a Repository

When you create a new service in Amplication, and select AWS CodeCommit as your git provider, you will have the option to select an existing CodeCommit repository or create a new one.

If you create a new repository, Amplication will automatically create it in your configured AWS account and region.

Managing Changes

When you make changes in the Amplication editor and commit a new build, Amplication will:

  • Create a commit with your changes in the amplication branch of your selected repository
  • Open a pull request from amplication to the default branch (usually main)

Read about our Smart Git Sync feature to learn how Amplication manages yur git repositories.

You can then review the changes in the AWS CodeCommit console or your preferred Git client before merging them into your default branch.