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Invalid code generation version ID


Invalid code generation version ID was found in the linked GitHub repo.

What went wrong?

The code generated by Amplication includes a file named ampconfig.json with information about the app from which the code was generated.

This file includes a parameter named dataServiceGeneratorVersion which indicates what was the version number of the code generator used when the app was last generated.

"dataServiceGeneratorVersion": "0.4.0",
"appInfo": {
"name": "My Catering Service",
"description": "",
"version": "wi2ip2h2",
"id": "ckl0nif3y06453wj7mn5lqx711",
"url": ""

The error indicates that the value of this parameter is invalid. It may happen if the file was manually updated.

What to do?

It is first best to identify why the file was updated with an invalid value. You can do so by tracking the changes made on the file in GitHub.

You can continue with committing your changes. Amplication will create a new Pull Request in the repository and you will be able to compare the differences between the new Pull Request and the current state of the repo before merging the changes.

In case you decided to merge the changes, the ampconfig.json file will be updated with the correct values related to the current app.


Amplication will never write directly to the main branch on the repo. You always get the chance to review the Pull Request before merging the changes.