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Create Server Dot Env


Creates the server's .env file

Event Name


Event Params

export interface CreateServerDotEnvParams extends EventParams {
envVariables: VariableDictionary;
export type VariableDictionary = {
[variable: string]: string;


An Array of objects represents the key-value pairs the user wants to add to the generated .env file.


export const envVariables: VariableDictionary = [
{ DB_USER: "${dbUser}" },
{ DB_PASSWORD: "${dbPassword}" },
{ DB_PORT: "${dbPort}" },
DB_URL: "mysql://${dbUser}:${dbPassword}@${dbHost}:${dbPort}${dbName}",

context: DsgContext,
eventParams: CreateServerDotEnvParams
) {
eventParams.envVariables = [...eventParams.envVariables, ...envVariables];

return eventParams;

The values: ${dbUser} , ${dbPassword} , ${dbPort}, ${dbHost} , ${dbName} are coming from: my-project => my-service => settings => database

As you can see in the screenshot, the only variable that doesn't have a default value is the ${dbName}. When you install one of the DB plugins, the value of ${dbName} is the service name.