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Create Message Broker Service


Creates the service of the Kafka message broker.

This event does NOTHING by default. All of the logic is handled by the broker-kafka plugin

Event Name


Event Params

There are no additional params to this event

export interface CreateMessageBrokerServiceParams extends EventParams {}


async afterCreateMessageBrokerService(
context: DsgContext,
eventParams: CreateMessageBrokerServiceParams,
modules: ModuleMap
): Promise<ModuleMap> {
const { serverDirectories } = context;
const { messageBrokerDirectory } = serverDirectories;
const filePath = resolve(staticDirectory, `kafka.service.ts`);

const file = await readFile(filePath, "utf8");
const generateFileName = `kafka.service.ts`;

const path = join(messageBrokerDirectory, generateFileName);
modules.set({ code: file, path });
return modules; }