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Create Entity Resolver


Event Name


Event Params

export interface CreateEntityResolverParams extends EventParams {
template: namedTypes.File;
entityName: string;
entityServiceModule: string;
serviceId: namedTypes.Identifier;
resolverBaseId: namedTypes.Identifier;
templateMapping: { [key: string]: any };


The name of the entity for which we are generating the resolver


A template file that is used to generate the resolver This is the default template that is used for this event.

You can manipulate or replace the template with a new template in your plugin.


An object with values that are available in the interpolation process of the template.
This default object with the available parameters can be found here

You can manipulate the object by adding new values, or replacing existing values that will be used in the template when creating the resolver file.


The path to the entity service module


The Identifier of the service that is used as the class name. For example CustomerService


The Identifier of the base resolver that is used as the class name. For example CustomerServiceBase