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Connect Amplication server to GitHub

Amplication already provides built-in integration with GitHub to push the generated application to a GitHub repository.

When running a local Amplication server you first need to configure the server to integrate with a new GitHub app, following the steps below.

Step 1: Create a new GitHub App

  1. Login in your GitHub account and create a new GitHub App here

  1. Enter the fields as follows:
    • Application name - [your-github-username]-amplication-local
    • Homepage URL - http://localhost:3001. If you are hosting the Amplication client on any other address, use the specific address.
    • Application description - optional
    • Callback URL - http://localhost:3000. If you are hosting the Amplication server on any other address, use the specific address.
    • Post installation > Setup URL - http://localhost:3001/github-auth-app/callback. If you are hosting the Amplication server on any other address, use the specific address.
    • Webhook > Active - "unchecked"
    • Permissions > Repository permissions
      • Administration - Access: Read and Write
      • Content - Access: Read and Write
      • PR - Access: Read and Write
      • Metadata - Access: Read-only
      • Pull requests - Access: Read and Write
      • Webhooks - Access: Read and Write
  2. Click Save
  3. Click Generate new client secret and copy the resulting secret
  4. Click Generate a private key, download, open the generated certificate, add \n at the end of each line and join all lines to obtain a single line string

Step 2: Configure Amplication server to work with the new GitHub app

  1. Clone /packages/amplication-server/.env into /packages/amplication-server/.env.local

  2. Update /packages/amplication-server/.env.local with the following variables

    # GitHub App (Git sync)
    GITHUB_APP_APP_ID="replace with the github App ID"
    GITHUB_APP_CLIENT_ID="replace with the github app Client ID"
    GITHUB_APP_CLIENT_SECRET="replace with secret created as step 1.4"
    GITHUB_APP_PRIVATE_KEY="-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----The key copied at step 1.5-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----"

    # replace [your-github-username]-amplication-local with your chosen name
  3. Restart Amplication server.