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Managing the Workspace


Workspaces help you manage your projects by enabling selected team members to work on specific apps.

Every app you create in Amplication is associated with a workspace. The name of the workspace is displayed in the top left of the workspace window.

When you create your first app, by default it is associated with a workspace with a generated name. Each subsequent app that you create will be associated with that same workspace, unless you add a new workspace and create the app within that new workspace.

Changing the title of the workspace

To change the name of the workspace, click Workspace Settings and type the new name in the Workspace Name field.


The workspace ID cannot be edited. It is used for internal purposes only, such as when debugging the app.

Adding and removing members from the workspace

Inviting members to the workspace gives them access to apps included in the workspace.

To add a member to the workspace:

  1. Select Workspace Members.

  1. Enter the new member's email in the field next to the Invite button, then click Invite.

    An invitation is sent to the prospective member, and the member is added to the list with the status Pending.

    The prospective member receives the invitation email and clicks Accept Invitation to confirm.

To remove a member from the workspace:

Click the trashcan icon to the right of the member.

Creating a new workspace

You can add more workspaces and assign different members to work on the different app projects. When you create a new app, it will be part of the currently selected workspace.

  1. To create a new workspace, click on the current workspace name at the top left of the window, then click Create new workspace from the drop-down list.

  1. Enter a name for the new workspace and click Create Workspace.


You cannot move apps from one workspace to another.