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Installation fails


Attempting to install npm with the following command fails: npm run setup:dev


Attempting to run npm run setup:dev is not successful. An error message may, or may not, be displayed.


The most common causes are:

  • Using unsupported versions of Node.js and or npm

  • Typescript is not installed globally

  • Installation is stopped before completion of the process.

    npm run setup:dev runs multiple processes so it will often takes longer than expected. This may cause the user to assume that the process has stopped responding.


We recommend doing the following:

  • Check that supported versions of node.js and npm are installed and that TypeScript is installed globally.

  • If you stopped the process in the middle, delete node modules and re-install npm as follows:

npm run clean
npm install
npm run setup:dev

Stopping the installation process can result in changes to the package.json. We recommend checking that Lerna did not change the file, and if it did, to discard the changes.

  • If the process failed after stage 5, check that Docker is running.

  • Ask for help on our Discord Server

Installation is slow

Additional Information

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