Sync with GitHub

Sync with GitHub#

Amplication can push the code of your app to a GitHub repository. It will provide you with full control on your app, and will also allow you to easily track the changes and the code generated by Amplication.


  • For every commit you create in Amplication, it will push a new Pull Request to your GitHub repository with the updated code.
  • You will always have the choice to decide how and if to merge the changes to your branch.
  • The pull request will be created in a new branch, with the default branch of your repository (usually master or main) as a base.
  • The code from Amplication will be created relatively to the root of the selected repository.
  • The selected repository must not be empty, so please create at least one file in the root folder.

If you want to create a new repository in GitHub, you can do so here. Please select Initialize this repository with a README file to make sure the new repository is not empty.


If you are using the hosted service on, you can continue with this guide.

In case you are hosting a local Amplication server, you should first follow this guide in order to configure the Server to work with a new GitHub application.

Authorize Amplication to access your GitHub account#

Before integrating your application with GitHub, you need to authorize Amplication to get access to your GitHub account.

  1. Click the Dashboard icon in the main menu.
  2. Click the Sync with GitHub tab to reach the settings page.
  3. click the Sync with GitHub Toggle button to start the authorization process.
  4. In the new window, accept the request to allow Amplication to access your GitHub account.

Select the GitHub repository to use#

After completing the authorization process, you need to select the GitHub repository to use in the integration.

  1. Click on the Select Repository button.
  2. Select the repository you want to use.

Create a new Pull Request in GitHub#

Amplication will automatically push a new Pull Request to your GitHub repository, every time you commit your changes.

To test the process, just make a change in your application and commit it.

In the Last Commit section click on Open GitHub to view the new Pull Request in GitHub.

You can now view the code changes generated by Amplication, and merge the changes.

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