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Connect Amplication server to GitHub

Amplication already provides built-in integration with GitHub to push the generated application to a GitHub repository.

When running a local Amplication server you first need to configure the server to integrate with a new GitHub app, following the steps below.


When using the hosted service on, the integration is pre-configured and you just need to follow this guide to sync your application with GitHub.

Create a new GitHub App

  1. Go to
  2. Click on OAuth Apps.
  3. Click on Register a new application.
  4. Give the application any name.
  5. Set the Authorization callback URL URL to http://localhost:3001

In case you are hosting the Amplication server on any other address, use the specific address instead of http://localhost:3001

  1. Copy and save the client secret and client ID of your new GitHub application.

Configure Amplication server to work with the new GitHub app

  1. Go the ../packages/amplication-server/

  2. Add a .env.local file in the root of the server directory

  1. Add the following content to the file
  1. Replace [client_secret_here] with the client secret of the new GitHub application.

  2. Replace [client_id_here] with the client ID of the new GitHub application.

  3. Restart Amplication server.