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Connect Amplication server to GitHub

Amplication already provides built-in integration with GitHub to push the generated application to a GitHub repository.

When running a local Amplication server you first need to configure the server to integrate with a new GitHub app, following the steps below.


When using the hosted service on, the integration is pre-configured and you just need to follow this guide to sync your application with GitHub.

Step 1: Create a new GitHub App

  1. Go to
  2. Click OAuth Apps
  3. Click Register a new application

  1. Enter the fields as follows:

    • Application name - give the application any name
    • Homepage URL - full URL to your app homepage
    • Application description - optional
    • Authorization callback URL - set to http://localhost:3001. If you are hosting the Amplication server on any other address, use the specific address.
  2. Click Register application

  1. Click Generate a new client secret

  1. Copy and save the Client secret and Client ID of your new GitHub application.

Step 2: Configure Amplication server to work with the new GitHub app

  1. Go to

  1. Add the .env.local file to the root of the server directory.
  1. Add the following content to the file
GITHUB_APP_CLIENT_SECRET = [use-secret-manager]
GITHUB_APP_CLIENT_ID = [github-app-client-id]
GITHUB_APP_APP_ID = [github-app-app-id]
GITHUB_APP_PRIVATE_KEY = [github-app-private-key]
GITHUB_APP_INSTALLATION_URL = [github-app-installation-url]
  1. Replace [use-secret-manager] with the Client secret of the new GitHub application.

  2. Replace [github-app-client-id] with the Client ID of the new GitHub application.

  3. Restart Amplication server.