Amplication CLI

Amplication CLI#

The Amplication CLI is a command-line tool that allow you to create and manage your apps on Amplication. You can use this tool to perform many common tasks either from the command line or in scripts and other automations.

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The CLI is built with Node.js and is installable via npm

$ npm install -g @amplication/cli

Verifying your installation#

To verify your CLI installation, use the --version command:

$ amp --version

You should see the current version number of the cli


Getting Started#

Changing Amplication server url#

By default, Amplication CLI works with the hosted version on In case you want to use the CLI with another Amplication server, you can use the config:set command

$ amp config:set AMP_SERVER_URL http://localhost:3000


After you install the CLI, generate a token on Amplication server UI and use the token with the auth command

$ amp auth TOKEN


Visit the project repository for the full list of available commands