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Managing Custom Files

When you work with Amplication to generate code, Amplication re-generates the code without affecting your custom files.

However, to allow you greater control, Amplication has provided the .amplicationignore file to ensure that selected files are ignored when a new Pull Request is created by Amplication.

Using .amplicationignore to ignore your files

Place the .amplicationignore file in the root of your repository and add any files you want Amplication to ignore during the code generation process.

The file works similarly to .gitignore, using the glob syntax. Here is an example:

# .amplicationignore
folder_or_file. <-- Ignore a specific file or folder
folder/file <-- Ignore a specific file in a folder
folder/**/file.json <-- Ignore all file.json occurrences in subfolders of "folder"

What happens to the changes?

The files that are in .amplicationignore, when updated, will be saved in the .amplication/ignored folder inside the git repository.


Remember, as always with Amplication, you are in control. While Amplication will not automatically generate code in the ignored folders and files, you can still see what the generated code could look like. This way, you can cherry pick whatever Amplication-generated changes you like and use them in your code. You can find these files in .amplication/ignored in the git repository.