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Using Plugins


Use plugins to extend the functionality of your generated application. Some plugins are included in Amplication by default. To add more functionality, you can develop your own plugins, or can use plugins developed by the community, as they become available.

The published plugins are available on the All Plugins screen. The installed plugins are shown on the Installed Plugins screen.

Available Plugins

The following plugins are currently available, we are working to add more plugins

  • PostgreSQL database
  • MySQL database
  • Kafka
  • Password JWT Authentication
  • Password Basic Authentication

Installing plugins

To install a plugin:

  1. In the All Plugins page, click Install for the required plugin.

  1. Go to the Installed Plugins page. The installed plugins are listed.

  1. To see the plugin on gitHub, select View on GitHub.

The plugins are executed when Amplication generates code, according to their order on the Installed Plugins page.

  1. To change the order of the installed plugins, click the up or down arrow to the right of the plugin bar.
  2. To activate or deactivate the plugin, click the toggle switch

Creating Plugins

As Amplication is an open source platform, any contributor can develop plugins that will be made available to all users.

You can develop your own plugins to extend the Amplication's capabilities to fit your organization's requirements.

See Plugin Development Overview for more information.