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These are some of the questions we are often asked about using Amplication

What is Amplication?

Amplication is an open-source platform that helps developers build backend services without spending time on repetitive coding tasks and boilerplate code. Amplication auto-generates a fully functional, production-ready backend based on TypeScript and Node.js.

How does Amplication work?
You just need to define your data models, roles, and permissions, and Amplication will generate a TypeScript Node.js application with everything you need already baked in. This includes fully functional REST API and GraphQL API for all your data models, authentication, role-based authorization, logging, and even an admin UI.
Do I need to be an expert developer to work with Amplication?
Amplication is a great platform for professional developers, whatever their experience. Even though beginners can get up-and-running quickly with Amplication, you own the code and so can make full use of your code-writing talent to customize your output and work your magic. Amplication is also a great solution for technical leaders who seek boosting their teams' productivity and efficiency.
How do I get started with Amplication
You can generate your first app in minutes. These instructions will walk you through the steps of creating an application, adding an entity, adding roles, and setting permissions on entities:

Your First Application

Is Amplication free?
Amplication Community Edition (CE) is free and always will be. To ensure that we can continue to develop Amplication, our Enterprise Edition (EE) will provide additional enterprise-oriented functionality that may require payment. For more information about the CE and EE, read:

Amplication’s licensing model

What is the difference between the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition?

Community Edition (CE) – contains Amplication's core functionality. It is open-source and free to use for the whole community. The Amplication Community Edition continues to be licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

Enterprise Edition (EE) - adds advanced operations, security, and commercially orientated features. The Enterprise Edition is built on top of the Community Edition and the additional functionality will be supplied as source-available. While users can view and download the code, ownership of the platform code remains with Amplication, meaning users cannot resell it. Use of the Amplication Enterprise Edition is subject to the Amplication Terms of Service

Who owns the code I generate with Amplication?
You own the code. Develop your service and applications however you wish, and deploy it wherever you want; on public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise.
How can I get the code?
You can download the source code of your application or connect to your GitHub account and push a new Pull Request directly to a selected GitHub repository. There is also a code-view option, that enables you to view the code in the console before you download it or move it to GitHub.
What server-side technologies does Amplication use?
NestJS, Prisma, PostgreSQL, Passport, GraphQL, Swagger UI, Jest, Docker
What client-side technologies does Amplication use?

Amplication focuses on creating the best backend. We provide the client only as a starting point for simple CRUD operations using the following technologies: ReactJS, React-Admin, Axios, Formik.

Use your programming skills to build a great client.

Is Amplication a no-code solution?
Amplication is a platform for professional developers, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks, eliminating or reducing the time spent on repetitive server-side tasks and boilerplate code. Your developer skills are very much required to create your hand-crafted business logic, so it is definitely NOT a no-code solution. Amplication reduces the amount of code you need to write, hence some may call it a low-code solution for professional developers.
What is the Amplication architecture?
Each Amplication project generates a server and admin UI, each in a separate folder:
  • Server - for all the server components including REST API, GraphQL, Services and more.
  • Admin - for the Admin UI including forms for CRUD operations on all data models.
Can I customize the code generated by Amplication?
Definitely. The code is yours. Do with it what you wish. You can continuously customize your code while continuing to get code from Amplication.
Can I contribute to the development of Amplication?
We'd love to have you contribute! To find out how, read:


Can I work with GitLab (or other git providers) besides GitHub?

Amplication currently supports integration only with GitHub, but we are planning to add support for more Git providers. See our Product Roadmap.

Which databases does Amplication support?
Amplication currently supports only PostgreSQL. However, we generate apps that work with Prisma, so you could change the Prisma configuration to use another database supported by Prisma.

We are planning to support more databases in future releases, including mongoDB. See our Product Roadmap.

Which cloud platforms does Amplication support?

You can host your server on AWS, Heroku, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, and many more.

Amplication uses Docker and Kubernetes to support deployment.

Check out the following for for more information:

Deploy a Docker Container

Deploy Amplication to a Kubernetes cluster using Helm

Deploying Amplication Server to Digital Ocean

How can I keep in touch with the Amplication community?
Join us at any of the following locations: