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Custom Actions Explained

Custom Actions give you the ability to enable or disable specific default API functions related to CRUD operations. This feature significantly enhances your control over the generated REST and GraphQL APIs to ensure that your API contains only the necessary code tailored to your requirements.

Custom Actions


The Custom Actions feature is available in Amplication's Enterprise plan.

How To Enable Custom Actions For An Entity

To utilize Custom Actions for an entity, begin by accessing the new Modules tab in your Amplication dashboard. Here, each entity is associated with a Module, allowing you to enable or disable each of the APIs associated with this Module (or all of the APIs related to this Module at once).

  1. Navigate to the Modules tab.
  2. Select the Entity for which you wish to enable Custom Actions.
  3. Individually toggle on or off any CRUD methods as per your needs. Alternatively, you can deactivate (or activate) the entire Module and affect all its methods